A Princess Party & Mini Makeover


Last weekend my mom and I took Sophia to a Beauty and the Beast themed party at Barnes and Noble. It was a blast! Beauty and the Beast is something that I hold dear to my heart, it always seems to show up when my life is changing. When I was a little girl I had everything Beauty and the Beast…from the bed comforter to the Mrs. Potts Teapot set.

I am pretty sure that my bedroom looked like a Beauty and the Beast gift shop…no joke. It makes me happy that Sophia gets to experience it, I am hoping she likes it as much as I did…wait…still do.

Sophia has not seen the movie yet, but I did buy her the original movie at Target about two weeks ago…we still have not watched it…I…Lost….it!

I think it grew legs and walked away…seriously.

But she knows who Belle is!

Now..I am going to bombard you with photos…


Sophia with Belle.


We ran into Sophia’s friend from the library Karsyn. I am so happy we saw her, because Sophia was talking about her the entire morning.


We even saw Evie from the library as well! Such an awesome surprise. I wish I could tell you that we had them purposely all wear the same dresses but we didn’t.


Ariel even came too! Sophia just liked playing with the sand.


My pretty girl! She is the best thing I ever done!


After the princess party we hopped right over the Barnes and Noble cafe for a quick lunch. I had a doctors appointment that I had to attend so the next little adventure is between my mom and Sophia. I just have to share it with you.


My mom and Sophia were in check-out at Macys Department Store, when Sophia tripped and fell. She smacked her head on the counter, and apparently started crying. One of Macy’s beauty employees came over to see if she was ok and said “I know how to make little princesses’ feel better.”

Sophia got her first mini makeover with Dior Lipstick. According to my mom she loved it!

I wish I would have been there to see her get all dolled up, but I am glad it’s a memory my mom gets to share with Sophia.

One thought on “A Princess Party & Mini Makeover

  1. Nikki Monroe says:

    It was one of those special moments I’ll never forget and hold dearly in my heart. Thank you Sarah for making me Sophia’s Nonna. Sarah you touched on how Beauty and the Breast always comes back to you at life changing points. Do you remember the last time?? I do, another special moment for me. The musical came to Pittsburgh in June 2 weeks after you turned 18 . We had a magical night. What a way to welcome adulthood then with your favorite childhood Disney characters. I love you so much! Mama!


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