I snapped this photo of my sister and I on Easter a little over a week ago. If you are a follower of mine on Instagram you may have recognizd this photo. It’s not often that we get photos taken together….personally speaking I think we both would rather be behind the camera than in front of it…..

Right Beans? Beans is a nick name that Crystal was blessed with many years ago. I am not exactly sure how it came about, but I always remember everyone referring to her as Beans.

She will always be Beans to me, except I have noticed with I am in a more serious manner that I do actually call her by her legal given name.

Or the other nickname I would call her was “ten words a day,” okay it’s like a sentence nickname, but growing up she was so quiet and just to be a jaggoff (pittsburgh slang) I would call her that.

Crystal is in all honesty my step-sister, she is from her fathers first marriage but that never mattered. I don’t remember the first time that I meant her, but she has always been my sister. Now, don’t get me wrong that were times when I didn’t “like her,” only god knows I probably annoyed the hell out of her, but we would definitely gang up on our brother Patt…the youngest, who ALWAYS got the sympathy vote….right Beans? I was the middle…and we all know what that means….haha.

Every time I think of her and I as kids…I remember she had this digital diary from like the mid to late 90’s…remember those? I’m pretty sure her’s was purple…It had a passcode in order to “read it.” There was this one time that she royally mad me mad…over what I have no idea. So, I stole it from her….(shh)….and tried to figure out the password….epic fail.

Even to this day, I’m not sure she knows if I stole it…but Beans what did you write? Still curious!


This is one of many of my dance recitals at a child, but we got Beans in a dress here! The photo quality isn’t the best….it’s from like 97′.

Are you going to kill me yet? Thank goodness in about 48 hours I will be thousands of miles away!

On a more serious note Crystal has always been there for me, she is one of the most nonjudgmental person I have ever met. I can tell her my deepest..darkest secrets and I know it won’t ever get out or she judge me for it. Other than being a great sister, she is someone that I could totally hang out as friends and know that it will never be a dull moment.

She was there for me with my first big break-up many moons many other aspects of my life. We just have the most fun times together, the stories I could tell you, would make you think “no way, all that happened in one day.” It’s never a dull moment!

We are doing a girls night for my birthday day next month…I’m hitting the big 29! ahh! I’m sure there is another great story in the making next month!