My birthday is right around the corner…May 23rd…I am ringing in the big 29 this year! So, I think this is a perfect opportunity to do a Giveaway!

When I was in Hawaii I fell in love with a string of multi-colored Fresh Water Pearls. Pearls happen to be one of my favorite kinds of jewelry to wear! I always thought they were beautiful and classic, I mean you honestly can’t go wrong with them!

I am a jewelry kind-of-girl….I just flat out love jewelry! Pearls are a staple in my jewelry collection. I wear them when I am going out wearing a fancy dress or if I am wearing leggings and a t-shirt. They can dress up any outfit! It’s kind of like wearing bold lipstick…just adds a bit of fun!


With the summer months just around the corner, these pearls are perfect for any occasion! Or give them to that someone special! Growing up, my grandma always told me that buying yourself pearls will give you bad luck. Have you ever heard of that?

When I mentioned it to a little jewelry store in Hawaii (I will elaborate of the store in a later post), the woman I was speaking too never heard of that superstition. BUT her employee did say that back in the day, I imagine 1900’s or earlier that a sign that you were “off the market for courting,” was to wear pearls. If you wore them without being committed to someone you would end up alone. Crazy huh?


There are so many ways your can wear these string of pearls, the woman that sold me them showed me about a thousand different ways to wear them. Like in a knot! That was one of my favorite ways, but I honestly can’t remember how she did it! Youtube will help with that I’m sure!


Okay, are you ready to win some Pearls?

How to enter:

  1. Like this post
  2. Comment me with a question you want to know about me (a future blog post).
  3. If you share this post and follow my instagram you will get 2 extra entries with win!

So, in order to enter to win your have to do #1 and #2. If you do #3 you will get 1 extra entry to win.

**Giveaway ends Sunday May 21, 2017, winner will be announced May 23rd 2017.**

Good Luck!!