Sundays happen to be one of my favorite days of the week. It’s a day of relaxation in my mind, sometimes it doesn’t always feel like it…but it’s something that I aim for on a weekly basis.

Right now, I am currently in West Virginia visiting my grandma, but Sophia’s great-grandma. I haven’t saw Grandma Carol in 8 years, it’s been a really long time. A well overdue visit!

Anyways, if you are relaxing…..and you feel like watching Netflix; here are some of my favorite shows that are must see in my eyes!

My Favorite Netflix Shows:

The Killing– It’s a couple seasons long, but it’s so worth the watch. If you like crime shows how I do, you’ll like this one! If you are a parent or a big softie like me then this will pull at your emotions a bit.

Gypsy- Naomi Watts does a fantastic job in this movie. She is a therapist that gets involved in her patients lives behind their backs. So good! First season on Netflix, I watched this in about a week and a half. Don’t watch with kids, you need to pay attention plus there are scenes you don’t want them to watch.

The Keepers- This documentary was really interesting to watch, but it did creep me out a bit. If you watch it you’ll understand why. Maybe have a glass or wine or two while watching.

The Fall- Jamie Dornan “Christian Grey,” portrays a killer that murders only brunettes in Belfast, Ireland. You get to hear that lovely Irish accent, plus look at Jamie Dornan for a few season, come one this has lazy Sunday written all over it. But in all seriousness, Jamie Dornan’s acting was amazing and absolutely creeped me out. You were able to look past the “Christian Grey,” persona and see a whole different level of darkness from him. Many times in the scene you would physically see he was present, but his eyes and his body language made you believe he wasn’t there mentally. Just watch it!

The Walking Dead- You already know what this show is about I’m sure, but if you never saw it from the very beginning I highly recommend it! They are some of my favorite episodes! When the show first started out I was very skeptical, because normally this wouldn’t be a show I would give a second thought too. My friend Charnaye persuaded me to give it a try, so I watched it from the very beginning four years ago and I have been hooked ever since then. Let’s just say…I don’t miss an episode ever!

Late nights I love to watch Netflix, it’s what I do once Sophia is in bed. So a lot of these shows I have watched over the course of Spring and Summer.

If I had to tell you which show to watch right now, it would have to be The Fall, not because Jamie Dornan is in it. But it was just that good, it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the series. I am actually reconsidering watching it over again. Maybe with my mom next time.

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday! Be lazy!

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