As a single mom I very rarely go out…childless that is. The last time I went out in the evening was back in late May for my birthday was some girlfriends of mine. So when the new movie IT came out in theaters I knew I had to go….but I had to go with Charnaye. We went out on September 16th, so this post is a little late!


She’s my scary movie buddy. ** I always look taller in photos, but I’m not**

Honestly speaking, I am not a Stephen King fan…I never really was. So when the IT movie came out for some reason or another I had to see it; regardless of how I feel towards Stephen King novels or movies.


Just in case if you are curious, Charnaye and I met when we were in 9th grade of high school. I was new to Public School. Being very new to the school, everyone had their friends already established and I didn’t know a single soul.

Charnaye and I hit it off in 9th grade English class………and the rest is history.

Lets flash forward to present day…

We knew we wanted to see this movie together for about a month, so I set some money aside so that I was able to go, without breaking the bank.


Charnaye surprised me and paid for the entire night out, I was in such shock I could have cried.

We went to this restaurant called Rock Bottom, I never been to it before nor have I ever heard of it. They had the best Salmon in the world and Charnaye’s salad looked amazing. Then we headed off to the 10pm movie…

I was so full from dinner I was ready to bust, but my goodness there is always room for movie theatre popcorn! Don’t you think?111

Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed the movie!!!!

But didn’t Bill Skarsgard play the part of Pennywise really well? He stole the show!

I am actually considering reading the IT book and seeing the original IT movie to compare them. There wasn’t anything of me to compare it too, heck I honestly had no idea of what the movie was really about. All I knew it was about a creepy clown that stalks kids. Right there it screams creepy, but for me it held a much deeper and darker meaning.

Especially if you are looking through the eyes of a parent….catch my drift?

Pittsburgh really has a way of getting into things, about a week before the movie came out people were tying red balloons to sewer grates…which I loved.

So fun!

I personally never came across one, but my Facebook page blew up with random photos from all over the city of red balloon tied to sew grates.

My night out with Charnaye was a blast and totally unexpected!

I heard next October (2018) a new Halloween movie is coming out! We will plan for another girls night then I’m sure of it!!!!! Halloween is my favorite scary movie!

Did you see the movie IT? Or what is your favorite scary movie?