5 Days in Photos


We have survived the first week of October and we are still getting some pretty warm days in Pittsburgh; except for the nights they have reached around 40 degrees.

So I am patiently awaiting for cooler days, so I can whip out my fall gear…scarfs…boots…hoodies…ahhhh my favorite clothes to wear. The cooler weather seems like it’s never ever going to arrive…but that doesn’t stop us from craving comfort fall food….

This week my mom her a traditional fall dish for dinner, her stuffed peppers! They are always so good and make amazing left overs! I will have to get the recipe to share with you, except when my mom cooks she hardly uses measuring cups! Which drives me insane….I need measurements! 


Since most days are still reaching mid 80’s and the mornings have been perfect for trips to the park, Sophia and I have been walking to the park almost every morning. Except for days that she has school. She insists on bringing her one teddy bear with us so that he can ride the tire swing or go first down the slide. Lets just say he doesn’t sleep with her at night.

I would like to throw him in the washer this weekend when Sophia is preoccupied but should he air dry OR can I put him in the dryer on low heat-tumble?

He doesn’t come with washing instructions as I imagine he wasn’t intended to ride the tire swing or go down slides…


My parents left for New Orleans on Wednesday and are returning Sunday. I have been enjoying the photos my mom has been sending me during the course of her trip.This would be the perfect trip for my friend Charnaye and I to go on together; especially since we are turning 30 next year….

How do you pronounce New Orleans….’New Orleans,’ OR ‘New Orlens’…? Because I have been pronouncing it wrong for years…oops.

** Update: My mom just texted me and said she will be home tomorrow due to Hurricane  Nate, damn you mother nature.**


A good friend of mine John came to Pittsburgh from Florida (who I call Lopez on my phone) for literally a day and a half. He had some unfinished business he had to take care of. We have not seen each other for either 8 or 9 years, but kept in contact throughout the years. John took me to dinner at one of my favorite local Hibachi restaurants in the area, the funny thing is we mainly talked about our kids the entire time.

He is a single father to his daughter Bailey and I am a single mom to Sophia, the funny thing is our stories are very similar so we have a lot in common and can relate to each other.

It was great seeing him and catching up, it’s been way to long.

Here is mini clip from dinner the other night…yes that is me screaming, because I swear the cook took my eye brows off….but they are still attached.


The one day after I picked Sophia up from school we had to make a quick run to Target for some necessities….and when I mean quick run to Target anything under an hour is a quick trip.

We ended up browsing the entire store and covered the toy isle about a million times over, but I came across these blankets.

O.M.G it would be like laying on a giant rabbit…they are so amazingly soft! And they go by the size of your bed which is kind of great!

Although I was very much tempted in purchasing one for my bed, but I resisted. But if I did, I would probably be standing there for 20 minutes trying to decide on a color.

One of each…thank you! Haha!

What are some of your favorite photos you took this week! Please share!

I would love to know. I don’t realize how many photos I take on a weekly basis until I either look at my phone or my camera…..

I am thinking Fridays are going to be geared towards 5 photos that I took over the week, that have stories behind them.

EXCEPT…I need a title that fits….

Do you have any ideas…please share!