Welcome to my new blog! I was contacted by a company called Blogerize to do a blog collaboration. For several months I have been wanting to do a blog makeover, but how I would want it to look versus how it would end up looking are two different things. The woman that I worked with from Blogerize was very accommodating and professional; she answered all my questions in a timely manner and helped me with whatever I needed help with.

If you are looking to do a blog makeover I highly recommend Blogerize. Please contact me if you want their contact information.

Last week was Thanksgiving and I hope every one had fantastic holiday celebrating with friends and family. Last weekend, my mom and I with Sophia of course put up our brand new Christmas tree from Balsam Hill (yes the Hallmark trees).

Our tree with white!!!!

I love it! My mom is really particular with her tree lights; so every year just like all the other previous years; I help with stringing the lights up so they do not get tangled.

It’s sort of a tradition my mom and I do together.

Have you started hiding your Elf on the Shelf? Meet Sophia’s elf Sparkle; she has been around for the last several years, but this is the first year Sophia is actually excited about her. Personally speaking I really enjoy hiding Sparkle, but does your elf hang out all day? Ours does, she will even move to various parts of the house when Sophia least expects it.

I put Sparkle in our Olive jar that we have, because it has been killing Sophia that she is not able to touch her due to the fact bath Sparkle will loose her magic. So I saw on Pinterest one day that a mom must have a child like mine “dying,” to hold their elf and they put their elf in a jar so that their child could in fact hold their elf without actually touching it. Or losing its magic!

Crafty huh? Sophia loved it, she brought Sparkle into the bathroom when she was using the restroom that afternoon, watched her take a bubble bath and even played Peppa Pig with Sophia. I loved it.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed by my posts and ‘Instastories’ that I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Ninja Coffee Bar. This would be the perfect gift for those that love coffee; I enjoy making the Mexican Spice Coffee with lots of foam. It’s so fun and convenient.

We have been experience a wave of warmer weather in Pittsburgh recently and the most beautiful sunsets. I love a colorful sunset especially when it is dreary and everything is grey.

Is your child terrified of Santa? Mine is! Sophia won’t look at him, she refuses to get her photo taken with him and if she happens to come in contact with one she hides behind my leg. I believe this is the closest that we are going to get to Santa this year.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

You may want to check back here tomorrow for a fun surprise! I think you will like it!