What smells better than any candle you could by at Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle? This homemade simmer pot recipe! Personally I love burning candles, and every year right after Christmas I always stock up on Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles; mostly for those “oops I forgot your Birthday,” moments.

For a few months I have been wanting to make my own simmer pot; I have seen endless recipes on Pinterest, but honestly I never had all the ingredients at hand; until a few days ago. Another aspect of wanting to try this recipe is because if your kids are anything like Sophia being cooped up in the house all day in the dead of winter…her pent up energy catches up with her and she becomes a little wild woman! Plus, I am not that fond of having lit candles on coffee tables when balls are flying in the air..

Can you relate? Flying balls? The disaster that is playing in my mind right now is what scrubbing carpet nightmares are made of!

The simmer pot can hang out on the back of you stove…and be perfectly safe! It’s a win-win situation!

What You need:

1. 1 Apple
2. 1 Orange
3. 1 Lemon
4. 2 Tbsp. Whole Allspice
5. 2 Tbsp. Whole Cloves
6. Cinnamon Sticks


1. Slice fruit into rings. Don’t worry about peels, seeds and cores etc. Place all ingredients into a pot on the stove, fill with water about 3/4 of the way full. Stir. Allow to boil, then turn the heat down low and allow to simmer. Refills water when needed; be careful and don’t allow the water to get to low.

2. And enjoy!

All of my sliced up fruit! I sort of layered the Apples, Lemons, and Oranges when placing them into my pot, but it’s not necessary to do that.

My added spices on top of the fruit!

Added some water, it was about 2 1/4 cups of water, but the amount of water will depend on the size pot you will use. I wanted the water to cover the fruit and spices.

I stirred everything up, so that the spices were evenly distributed throughout the pot.

Bring your water to a boil

Like this!

Then turn everything down to a simmer! Remember to stir and check your water level through the day.

I had mine simmer on the stove all afternoon, I did however have to add more water into the pot twice. The house smelled so good, it reminded me when my moms Christmas ham is in the oven!

If you try this simmer pot recipe please let me know what you think, I am trying to find another recipe to try.