It’s Friday! As I was writing that I had the “Feeny Call,” stuck in my mind; if you are unfamiliar with the Feeny Call…Youtube it!

Anyways, how are you guys surviving The Elf on the Shelf? Personally speaking I really struggled with it this week. Sparkle has been making daily appearances since the day after Thanksgiving, and honestly I have run out of ideas as to what do to with her. Yesterday morning Sophia woke up to Sparkle sitting in front of the Gingerbread house that she “built,” the night before (parents use superglue…it’s faster); to this morning Sparkle sitting in the box of candles from Bath and Body Works my mom ordered a week or so ago; due to the fact that I passed out last night at 9:30 p.m……that never happens. And when I woke up Sparkle was sitting in the same spot that she was in all day yesterday, and that’s how she landed in the box of candles this morning.

So, I am absolutely open to more Elf on the Shelf ideas to kick off the remaining days left before she disappears to the North Pole for next year.

Serious question: Have you ever brought the elf back out to when you child misbehaves? I am highly considering it in the future….

Furthermore, Sophia is terrified of Santa as I imagine most children are..right? She won’t even look at him at the mall not alone sit on his lap. If I happen to mention that Santa brings her presents on Christmas Morning; she will turn to me and say “then I don’t want any..he scares me.” So, to try to get her to “warm up to him more,” we must have watched The Santa Claus on Netflix this week about a hundred times. I don’t think it has helped…even if I tell her that if she watches the movie really closely she will see Sparkle at the North Pole making presents for all the little kids.

Personally speaking I am really enjoying Christmas, it brings back so many memories of when I was a child; but I have been anticipating this season of Sophia’s childhood probably since the day she was born. I have been enjoying watching her eyes light up with excitement; having a child really brings back the Christmas spirit. It’s quite wonderful!

Now onto some links

My mom is always sending new recipes to my email, this one looks promising for Christmas morning.

Are you in dire need of winter boots like me? I am quite into these ones.

These Emily Ley planners look really great!

Isn’t this a fun pen?

We are doing Fondue for Christmas Eve and this recipe looks amazing…

I am hoping to bring Sophia up to Seven Springs for a day trip this winter; it’s been years since I have been there.

I believe I am going make this Sangria

We pretty much have a light weekend planned, besides some baking for some upcoming orders and tonight I am hitting the mall for winter boots. A glass of wine sounds quite ideal right about now. I think a glass of wine should be mandatory for local trip to the mall or grocery around the holiday season.

Have a fantastic weekend!