As the year comes to an end within the next couple of days I thought it would be fun too look back on some of my favorite moments this year. Even though most of this year was quite tough; it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any good times.

So lets stay positive and look back on some of my favorite times!

The Unicorn Hot Chocolate was by far one of my favorite things I made this year, and Sophia had some much fun devouring it.

Sophia and Emma got to meet Peppa Pig and Dog Patrol at the beginning of this year. Sophia did not react the way I thought she would….she was petrified of them all.

These vitamins are the absolute BEST! They helped my hair grow out so much, if your hair is hitting that funky stage where it doesn’t seem like it’s growing, I highly recommend picking up some of these Vitamins. You can find them at your local grocery store (most) or Target definitely carries them. I still take two a day.

Back in May I gave away a pair of Hawaiian pearls. That was a lot of fun! Giveaways are always my favorite!!

Back in June Charnaye and I met hershel from The Walking Dead! We still miss you Hershel!

I took Sophia to Hawaii for two weeks back a the end of April. I got to see family that I have not seen since I was 18 years old. Plus I got to meet all the little babies cousins; I loved being with them, it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

This past summer my nephew Timmy spent a week with all of us; we did late night Starbucks runs and all sorts of fun stuff; but one of his last days he was with us, he wanted to spend a day in Pittsburgh. So that’s what we did. It was boiling out, but so much fun!

If you are in the market for a new hairspray, try this one out! It holds your hair without feeling like you have glue in your hair, and allows your hair to move. You can find this hair spray at Ulta.

This past August my family and I went down to West Virginia to visit Sophia’s Great Grandma Carol. She is one of the nicest people in the world; and I plan on making more trips down there more often. I could sit and talk to her for hours, she’s a great conversationalist.

Randomly back in January I met a new friend named Jess at our local library. Both of our daughters (Sophia and Karsyn) enjoy the libraries children reading class they have every Tuesday night. Jess and I always ended up gravitating towards each other…and one play date at Chick -Fil – A is all it took for us to be friends. Now our daughters are best friends!

The birthday party that I ever threw for Sophia was this years Unicorn Birthday Party, and I loved making her cake.

This was such a fun day! My cousin Jess and I were randomly texting each other and decided to go to Pittsburgh Zoo with the kiddos. Such a fun day!

This photo was taken when I was in Hawaii this year. I just got done doing some major swimming in the ocean. I believe I just got done doing Snorkeling. If I lived there I would constantly be in the water, it’s my favorite ever.

Sophia went to Kennywood for the first time this year and had a blast. She is so brave, noting scares her..unless you’re dressing up like Santa Claus.

My partner in crime. She is my other sister…she is always there for me…no..matter..what! No one will understand our love for Mexican food and scary movies! And the occasional Margarita.

My good friend John from Florida came to Pittsburgh back in October for a few days, so needless to say we got together and hung out one evening. At this point it’s been close to ten years since we say each other!

I randomly went to the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert, it was awesome!

My mom and I took Sophia to a local Pumpkin Patch that was amazing, there was so much to do there. That day I had a really bad pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder so I wasn’t able to do the slide with Sophia…maybe next year..

Are you a big fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper? I am! I can watch them constantly. I made Joanna’s favorite Lemon Pie, it was to die for!

Last but not least, my parents got a Ninja Coffee Bar and the coffee is amazing. So far the only thing I have tried was the Mexican Spice Coffee! So great!

My new favorite shade from Essie for the year of 2017 is *Drumroll please..* “Swept off my Feet.” Such a great color!

This year had many ups and downs, so I want to leave 2017 with a more positive note rather than dwell on the negative. Sometimes if we look at the positive it will outweigh the hard times.

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe New years!

See you in the New Year!