This week I have been really off; more of less with my timing. I have been running late to everything possible and literally just making it by the skin of my teeth. You would think with the cabin fever I have been experiencing the last couple of weeks it would light a fire under my ass when it comes to being prompt…

But it hasn’t.

Another part of my week that I found to be quite frustrating was for the life of me I couldn’t find my camera cord to charge it, so with that in mind; I had certain blog posts planned…but my cord has decided to grow legs and walk away.

However…I did find it….behind my bed, I am not quite sure how or why it was back there…but I think it was just screwing with me.

Since I my camera was out of commission due to a missing cord, I really neglected doing any posts this week, and I figured that since tomorrow is Friday I would share with you some of my favorite photos from this week that I took with my iPhone 8.

So, lets get to it…

Are you looking for a quick dinner for busy week nights or something quick for the weekend? Well, my mom sent me this recipe through my email and I figured what the hell…lets give it a go. Surprisingly it was really good. I did however add more vegetables than what the recipe calls for..we are major veggie the Carrots & Mushrooms were the add ons. I followed the directions and just added more vegetables, cooked them to my liking. I ended up using Sweet Baby Rays Hawaiian BBQ Sauce. Served with steamed White Rice. If you are anything like me BBQ sauce is my favorite..I could probably drink it out of the bottle. Gross? Probably, but I am an odd eater. If you are interested in this recipe you can find it here.

I got my hair cut back at the beginning of was needed badly, but ever since I have cut’s been growing like a weed. I am not complaining, but I swear there is such a difference between December and’s in the middle of my back. It hasn’t been this long since high school! Except all of a sudden my hair has reached the stage where all it wants to do is be wavy, I am not complaining by any means. Makes things a little bit easier for me in the long fun. How long I will actually let it get…only time will tell.

Are you surviving the cold and snow? Sophia is loving it! Well…playing in the snow, I don’t think she really cares for the cold weather. She enjoying playing in the snow for about ten minutes then she’s ready to come back inside. I swear it takes me longer to get her all geared up than she is actually outside.

Poor Jimmy absolutely despises the cold weather. I know it stems back to when he was abused by his former owners; prior to me adopting him 5 years ago..he was found abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of the winter. He suffered from a broken leg that was healed broken, malnourished and a bladder infection. The veterinarian had to re-break his leg and put a pin in it. So when, he’s outside in the cold it bothers his leg, to the point where he uses three of his legs. Although he isn’t outside long by any means, he runs in the house on his three legs and immediately sits in front of the vents waiting for the heat to turn on. Sophia usually sits next to him and tells him “its okay Jimmy…you’re going to be fine.” I did buy him winter boots, but they do not stay on his legs at all…his bones are so petite that I can never find them for him that are like XXXX-small. He does however wear sweaters and winter jackets.

One of my favorite breakfasts to eat…when I do. I am really horrible at eating breakfast….it’s something that I am always trying to work on. Heck I don’t even drink coffee daily…maybe twice a week?

Have I ever told you that I am anemic? It was really bad this week. When I was pregnant I had to take my prenatal vitamin every day; along with an extra iron pill.

Most days I have to take an Iron pill, and when I forget (which happens a lot)…my god to do I pay for it. When my iron is off, I become ultra sleepy; I can sleep ten hours and want more. This week was tough, no matter what time I went to bed I was exhausted the next day. It’s really tough, I hate it. On Wednesday I was talking with my mom in the kitchen and she randomly said to me “you look like absolute shit (thanks mom)…your coloring is so off…you look white as a ghost.” I was fighting with my Iron levels all week, but Wednesday it was the worst. I looked in the mirror, I literally had no color at all….pale with puffy red eyes. So I went down stairs opened up a can of Beets with some Blueberries and ate it like someone handed me a bowl of my favorite ice cream. When my Iron is off, I crave really weird things…like give me the rarest steak ever…I can sit there and eat Spinach leaves like they’re chips…it’s awful.

I basically feel like Edward Cullen when he hasn’t “eaten.” Being anemic is tough for me all I want to do is lay around and sleep…and eat Iron packed foods.

I am so ready for Spring…it’s only mid January and I feel as if this winter has been the longest in the world. I am dying to get out and have some fun and get some sunshine.

Don’t I look happy here?

Chasing sunsets!

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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  1. Adrian chavis
    January 25, 2018 / 1:14 am

    Simply perfection