Our Sunday Waffle Tradition

I have to admit most days during the week we are quick breakfast eaters, that’s if I do eat it myself. I have always been really…. really bad at eating breakfast. It takes me quite a while to wake up in the mornings and then when I warm up to the idea of eating it’s practically lunch time.

Although, I always make sure Sophia eats something for breakfast whether it be cereal like Cheeros, piece of fruit or a Danimal Smoothie (for kids); which we both are pretty fond of.

Every Sunday we seem to make waffles, it’s turning out to be a weekly tradition. Sophia gets a kick out of making waffles, we always use this waffle iron. Her job is to add the ingredients and stir the waffle batter; then she sits on the counter and eagerly waits for the waffles to be done.

Doesn’t this waffle iron make the cutest waffles?

We use this instant Belgian Waffle Mix….AND IT’S THE BEST! I have made homemade from scratch before but I was not pleased with the final product. The waffles turned out to floppy, soggy and bland when they were made from scratch; and if I kept them in the waffle iron to get a little crunchy…they were dry and too dark for my liking.

The Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix is my absolute favorite, they turn out perfect. And the best part is, you can freeze them. Add a layer of Wax paper in between and pop them right into the toaster in the morning.

AHHHH the best…. they smell amazing. My waffles put Eggo Waffles to shame.

Trust me, they are worth making!!

Sophia and I really enjoy ours with fruit on the side, so we always load up our waffles with Strawberries or Blueberries…okay…okay…both!

You can sprinkle Powder Sugar (also known as 10x in the baking/cooking industry…if someone ever says to you “get me some 10x..it’s Powder Sugar) Syrup…Whipped Cream…the possibilities are endless.

I think it would be fun to have a Waffle Party…don’t you?

Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

And make some waffles!!!!!!