Out of all the days of the week Tuesdays are my busiest days. Sophia has preschool that day for only two and a half hours so I usually go to the gym and run a quick errand if need be. Sometimes I will wait to run errands, because Sophia enjoys going with me so much. There have been plenty of times where I have done a Target run without her while she was in school, and she gets really upset with me…..because she recognizes the Target bag; and knows she missed out on 45 minutes in the toy isle…

The unavoidable toy isle…unless I lie and say some child puked and EVERYTHING needs to be cleaned. It’s then can usually get out of going into the toy isle, but every so often.

But Tuesdays…besides being busy are our library nights.

It’s the best.

After Sophia eats dinner we meet Jess and Karsyn at our local library around 6pm. Just last week the library started up their reading and craft night, which the kids always love.

A peek into our Tuesday nights at the library:

Sophia and Karsyn can play together for hours. The library offers plenty of activities for them to do, both girls really enjoy the Kitchenette set up with all the fake food. They usually bring over a basket of fake food they want Jess or I to eat.

It’s quite adorable.

Another great aspect about going to the library is the fact that we are most likely the only ones there, so the kids have the entire room to play at for hours.

Jess and I get the middle table, bring healthy snacks for us to share and typically sit around and talk for a couple of hours. It’s really nice to have an adult conversation that goes beyond the latest Peppa Pig episode. You know what I am talking about if you have young children.

Every visit somewhere along the line the girls will put a puppet show on for us, which is quite amusing to watch because you get to see their imaginations soar.

The Chalkboard and Lego wall is really fun to play at. Each girl tries to write their name, draw little hearts…but in the end they always end up playing with the Lego board. I mean who can blame them?

Jess and I met in the fall of 2016 at the library; both kids hit it off really well…as well as Jess and I. That is the best part about our friendship is our girls get a long really well..and always want to do play dates together. It’s such a blessing when you find a friend that your children are the same age and both parties hit it off really well.

I think there are going to be tons of fun adventures coming up this summer…we both have Kennywood & Sandcastle passes this summer so I think the girls are going to have a blast!