My Planner Update

Let me just start off by saying I love my Emily Ley planner, when I was contemplating on getting a 2018 planner I was really unsure if I was actually going to use it. In the past I have bought planners and the novelty of using one really worn off within two weeks; and it collected dust for the rest of the year. Or I would try to start using it, and I never would do it…so it just sat there on my dressers or tossed in various places in my room.

Sad but true.

This year I was quite determined to use my Emily Ley planner, and quite surprisingly I have been sticking to it. I was looking for a way to organize by life between running Sophia to preschool, play-dates, doctor appointments, traveling, work, meal planning and somehow regain somewhat of a social life for myself. As a single mom that is still the toughest part for me is…dating and a social life. Not that I am dating or talking to anyone right now. It’s just something I wanted to incorporate into my life this year; especially the social life with old or new friends. Even though my social life is not exactly perfect it is a little bit more existent than it has been in the past.

The planner that I have has the months, which at the end of every month I write an over-view of the upcoming month, whether it be a birthday party, doctors appointment or anything that just has great importance in mine and Sophia’s life. I then of course write those events in the daily section as well. You basically make the planner work for you and your needs, it’s so basic that you can  personalize as much or as little as you want to.

Personally speaking I sometimes use stickers(that came with the planner) to indicate fun dates and color pens I found at Target a few months back. One of my favorite aspects of my planner is every Sunday there is a small section you write down “A Happy Memory from the week,” this is my favorite part, because no matter how negative or complicated my week may have been, this allows me to put things in perspective. No matter what I can also find something positive that has happened, even it be something as little as “took a bubble bath with some wine.”

Which honestly sounds good right about now.

Also on Sundays there is a section for “Weekly Prep,” …I also love this section as well. Emily Ley already added some of her things she accomplishes every Sunday such as:

  • Plan meals for the week ahead
  • Tidy up for a clean slate on Monday
  • Write tasks/ appointments for the week
  • Fill you “tank.” Enjoy what matters most

I generally try to get an idea of what kind of dinners I will be making, but it honestly depends on how busy Sophia and I are. Tuesdays are our busiest days of the week, so for dinner I usually do something quick or left-overs from the previous nights. I am not the greatest at meal planning but I believe that my planner has helped me try to be more proficient in that area.

Most Sunday are my lazy days, but you will still find me wearing sweats and folding up laundry so our laundry is put away for the upcoming week. I do odd things on Sundays, so come Monday it’s as easy as possible. If you are like me, my Mondays usually determine how my week is going to go. If I have a really crappy Monday it usually continues into the following days, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles with me. So I try to accomplish as much as I can on Sundays…but still manage to have a laid back day.

Some weeks my planner is bare, with very little going on…then there are other weeks that I am of course busier and my daily calendars are crazy colorful.

It honestly just depends.

I follow Emily Ley on Instagram and watching her go-live on Instagram she offers great advice on how to live a more simplified life, which I love. She is truly an inspiration of mine, I would love to go behind the scenes Simplified Planner process.

Come later this year I will be purchasing another Emily Ley planner!

Emily Leys website, if you are interested!

**This is not a sponsored post, all ideas and opinions are my own.**